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We will be starting our first qigong class of 2010 in January (the exact date will depend on the when the first 10 students have confirmed their registration). If you would like to join this class, please register early as there are already others on the waiting list.

For those who are interested in Wahnam Taijiquan, here is a rare opportunity. Robin Gamble Sifu, Shaolin Wahnam UK's Taijiquan instructor is now living in South-east Asia and has kindly agreed to teach Wahnam Taijiquan in Singapore as a visiting guest instructor. For more details, and to register, please see his website at


Important Notice

Many of the applicants for the qigong course may not have received emails from us. We have had several emails returned undelivered (primarily from those email addresses with with a Yahoo domain name (eg,, or If you had applied for the qigong course  starting on 24 May but have not received any confirmation from us, please send us another email here, but provide an alternate email address.


The second Shaolin Wahnam qigong course (the Foundation Course) will begin in May 2009. Read about it here. Registration closes once we have our first 12  participants. Registration is now closed (as of 18 May 2009). The first lesson commences on 24 May 2009. All those who have confirmed their places will be notified of the venue and location of the lessons.

About Shaolin Wahnam Singapore

Singapore is a small island-state just south of Malaysia, home to our school’s Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. A highly urbanised country, Singapore has often been described as the West’s gateway to Asia, and is one of the most amazing successful stories in modern history.

If you already live in Singapore, do check out our available courses and regular classes. We currently offer Shaolin Cosmos Qigong (Chi Kung, for those who are not familiar with hanyu pinyin), and also plan to offer Shaolinquan (Shaolin Kungfu) and Wahnam Taijiquan. For residents and everyone else, this website also contains a compilation of the best articles written by Grandmaster Wong (in his famous Question and Answer series), and his instructors.

As part of the international Shaolin Wahnam family (which spans every continent on Earth except the Antarctica), the members of Shaolin Wahnam Singapore interact with other family members during occasions such as weddings, and courses with Grandmaster Wong.

Note: In this website, we use the official romanisation system for Chinese words known as “hanyu pinyin”. Visitors who hail from places where Chinese words are expressed or taught using other pronunciation and romanisation systems may wish to check your dictionaries or online references for the Wade-Giles or Yale equivalent.