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Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit's main homepage

For me, this was the website that started it all. It is a vertiable encyclopedia of information not found anywhere else, whether online or in public libraries. Enjoy reading all the articles, answers to readers' questions (more than 10 years' worth!), and probably more video clips that you can view in your lifetime.

A simple tip if you are feeling overwhelmed - start with the "Table of Contents" here.

Flowing Zen in the United States

One of my favourite Shaolin Wahnam sister websites, and home page of Shaolin Wahnam's Chief Instructor in the United States of America, Sifu Anthony Korahais.

 SHaolin Wahnam Japan

 Going to Japan for a holiday, like every other Singaporean? Why not take the chance to check out the Shaolin Wahnam courses there too?

Shaolin Wahnam England

One of largest Shaolin Wahnam branches in the wordl, this site offers many useful freebies and articles.